Studding Clip Uses

  • Where fixing to studding is essential

  • No breaks in insulation material

  • Fast and easy installation, saves time and money

  • Single handed fixing

  • To fit 8mm and 10mm studding

  • Sizes to fit pipework from 15mm - 54mm and equivalent imperial sizes

  • Manufactured from a composite polyamide, tested from -40 c to + 140 c, it combines strength with light weight

  • Ideal for network cables

  • Fully adjustable for wastes and condensate drains

  • Studding panel inserts


15mm copper pipe  
22mm copper pipe overflow pipe
28mm copper pipe  
35mm copper pipe waste pipe
42mm copper pipe waste pipe
54mm copper pipe waste pipe
20mm conduit  
25mm conduit  
Air-conditioning and Refrigeration
15mm copper pipe  
22mm copper pipe Condensate drain
28mm copper pipe 1/4 pipe (w\13mm wall insulation)
32mm copper pipe 3/8 pipe (w\13mm wall insulation)
35mm (1)   5/8 pipe (w\13mm wall insulation) c\drain
35mm (2) copper pipe 1/2 pipe (w\13mm wall insulation)
40mm   3/4 pipe (w\13mm wall insulation
42mm copper pipe 7/8 pipe (w\13mm wall insulation)
50mm   1 1/8 pipe (w\13mm wall insulation)
54mm copper pipe 1 3/8 pipe (w\13mm wall insulation) c\drain
Outside Diameter: certain clips have two or more positions to accommodate both metric and imperial sizes.