The Studding Clip

The studding clip is a unique one-piece design manufactured from a composite Polyamide Alloy combining strength with light weight. It will overcome the problems of using cable ties for piping, electrical, optical and network cabling.

The studding clip is extremely quick and simple to use, fitting effortlessly on convential 8mm and 10mm (European standard) and 3/8" (US Standard) studding.

The Studding clip can be used to fix both pipe work and its insulation without any breaks. The page "Uses of the Studding Clip" gives examples using 13mm insulation but if you have a 22mm pipe with say 9mm insulations you need a 40mm clip (22mm + 9mm + 9mm = 40mm). Its that simple. No breaks, easy installation for a much better job.

The solid connection can be adjusted up and down by simply rotating the clip which uses the stud thread as if it were a nut. The studding clip is a major advance in efficiency for the installation of air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing pipework, electrical conduit as well as network and optical cabling.