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Thank you for your interest in RPC and the company's product range, I hope this visit to our Web Site will encourage you to take your inquiry further. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly +44 (0)1420 472 612 or by e-mail should you wish to know more.

The Rapid Positioning Clip (RPC) was our first product, introduced to the UK Refrigeration and Air Conditioning market some five years ago. Since then it has gone on to be the clip of choice for installers because of the ease with which it is used and the time it saves.

The studding clips (SC08mm or SC10mm) followed and they are now used by installers for work such as cabling and pipe fitting, where they are working above suspended ceilings or where 8mm or 10mm rods are available for runs.  

Our clips are stocked by all the major UK Wholesale Distributors in the RAC field, as well as those in the wider fixings market. We have truly national coverage in the UK, so for your nearest stockist please e-mail or telephone our sales office.
Other equipment manufacturers (OEM's) have also benefited from the clips. They are used in
UK rail and underground rolling stock where they carry the


heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In the field of under-floor heating the studding clips are used to fix pipework to reinforcing mesh, allowing pre-site fabrication and vast savings.

Where engineers use standard channeling or rod, they can successfully use the clips to reduce installation times and costs.

In addition to the technical specifications available on this site, we have samples available for you to evaluate. Many major UK contractors have used this facility. 'Destruction tests' are not feared but relished.

I look forward to helping you in any way I can.


Adrian Warrener
e-mail: adrian.warrener@rapidclips.com